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How can I load a dictionary when xml:lang attribute contains simple locale?


My XML contains elements with simple locales, example:

<p xml:lang="en">Some text</p>

However, when I load the spell checker it fails to load the dictionary file because it looks for en.list.txt. This file does not exist, yet en-us.list.txt or en-gb.list.txt do exist. I don't feel like duplicating the dictionary files.

Is there a way to have 'en' language link to an 'en-us' dictionary? I could not find anything in the Xopus configuration or JS API.


Related to my question above; how does Xopus manage a multi-lingual document? I have elements with various languages in the same XML file:

<p xml:lang="en">...</p>
<p xml:lang="nl">...</p>
<p xml:lang="fr">...</p>

Will this work as expected? Will it check each text in the correct language?


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  • I tried to copy the en-us to en, nl-nl to nl and fr-fr to fr dictionaries. Xopus tried to load all three dictionaries, but the browser crashed with an out-of-memory error. Any suggestions?