How can I combine placeholder and template in my config?

Most of the elements in my schema are inserted with placeholders, e.g.

<x:node match="para">
  <x:placeholder>New {name}</x:placeholder>

When the user inserts a para, they see a red New para highlighted and typing in the paragraph will replace this. It's nice.

I have some elements which require a couple of attributes to be supplied; they're fixed in the schema but the Xopus editor does not force them when a user creates a new element. I can get around this by using a template, e.g.

<x:node match="code">
    <x:template formatted="Y" xml:space="preserve">

Ideally I would include a placeholder in the template and have the user see New code when they inserted this element. Unfortunately the content of a placeholder is inserted as ordinary text, so it isn't replaced when the user starts typing in the element.

With no placeholder the element has a tendency to disappear completely, and the user has to be very careful positioning the cursor.