Machine specific Xopus license

In the Xopus folder structure, you will find '\license'. New installations come with 'localhost.txt' and '' for dev use.

To host from a web server, this folder needs to contain a license that is specific to the host machine's name/ip.  

We've been running Xopus for several years on a machine that we are now ready to retire. I need a new machine specific license file for the new machine so that Xopus doesn't complain. Yes, our corporate use license is up to date, but I need a 'machine license'. 

How can I get a new machine specific license crafted or issued? If I remember right there used to be a way to form it through the Xopus support page, but I sure can't find this option. How is this done today?


  • I see the 'readme.txt' of an Xopus install zip says:

    Quick start
    In just a few steps you're ready to edit with SDL Xopus:
    Make sure you have a webserver running on your computer
    1. Unpack the archive in the www directory of your webserver
    2. Open Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
    3. Surf to localhost/.../start.html
    The downloaded archive is the complete product.
    The product contains licenses for localhost and
    SDL Xopus will only start if it is accessed from http://localhost or
    Additional license files for other domains can be added later without reinstalling.
    How does one get "Additional license files for other domains"?