Xopus 5.2.4

This release fixes a number of bugs.

Release date: 2015-05-28

Release notes

Fixed the issues that tables could be broken by pressing delete in a table header, or deleting a selection of several cells

In older versions of Xopus (up until Xopus 4.4.2) we made sure that individual table cells could not be removed by delete and backspace. In Xopus 5.2 we accidentally removed this protection in two situations for documents where the HTML table model is used: in table header cells when pressing backspace or delete at the start or end of a cell, and in any kind of sell when pressing delete or backspace on a selection that spans several cells.

This is only for the HTML table model, so there is no change here for documents where the tables are stored in a CALS model or a subset of CALS, as in DITA for example.

Fixed bugs related to loading spellchecker dictionaries in IE and Chrome

In IE, some spellchecker dictionaries could not be loaded correctly. In IE 11, especially dictionaries with a lot of non-standard characters did not load correctly at all, and in other versions of IE, words with non-standard characters like "áäå" were always marked as incorrect.

In Chrome, dictionaries could not be loaded correctly and Xopus would show an error "Unable to load dictionary" when the dictionaries were loaded from the cache.

Fixed a bug where loading a new document could be unsuccessful

There were two rather specific issues that caused loading a new document using setURL to fail. One was in certain cases when the focus was in the property panel at the moment of calling setURL, the other was with some specific customer files.

Fixed a bug that elements in element-only context could not be split because of the "inline" role

Earlier we introduced the "inline" role, to guide the editing behavior. One of the effects of this role is that if you press enter at the end of such an element, it will not split this element, but move the cursor out of the element and split the parent instead. For example when the cursor is at the end of a bold element in a paragraph. If you press enter then, you should not get a bold element in the new paragraph.

Problem with how this feature was implemented was that certain elements in DITA for example can be used as inline, but in element-only context as well. For example in DITA: the indexterm and keyword elements. This change makes it possible to split those elements when used in the prolog section, even when they have the "inline" role applied. 

Known issues

  • Problems with rendering html content after the Xopus island in IE:

    In IE10 and later, html content after the <xml> island in the html might not be rendered correctly if self-closing tags are used in this xml. Wrap an extra <div> tag around <xml> or replace self-closing tags with pair-closing tags to resolve it.

Supported browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 11