Xopus 5.3.1

This release fixes a problem in Chrome version 49. This update is recommended to everyone using Xopus 5.3.

Release date: 2015-03-22

Release notes

Chrome 49 problems

This fixes a problem in Chrome where after updating to version 49, copy/paste was not working correctly anymore with the Clipboard extension.

Known issues

  • Problems with rendering html content after the Xopus island in IE:
    In IE10 and later, html content after the <xml> island in the html might not be rendered correctly if self-closing tags are used in this xml. Wrap an extra <div> tag around <xml> or replace self-closing tags with pair-closing tags to resolve it.
  • When copying content in the tags on view in Internet Explorer, the text of the tags is copied to the clipboard as well.
  • Processing instructions for placeholders (xm-replace_text) inserted using the API after loading the document are not recognized as placeholders.
  • Pasting multiple paragraphs in Firefox without the SDL copy/paste extension does not paste all content.

Supported browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox