Xopus 5.3.2

This release fixes a number of bugs based on customer feedback.

Release date: April 13th 2016

Release notes

Fixed a bug that prevented the right-click menu from being enabled after disabling it through configuration

When the disableContextMenu configuration option was set to false, the right click menu could not be enabled again by loading a new configuration file with the disableContextMenu value set to true. This is now possible.

Fixed a bug that caused tables with empty cells to be pasted incorrectly from HTML

When pasting content from sources that put HTML on the clipboard like Word and Excel, tables with empty rows were incorrectly pasted. This has now been resolved.

Fixed the bug that incorrect cell merges can be made between header and body cells

In situations where the CALS table model is used, like in DITA, the editor allowed users to attempt to merge header cells with body cells. This action did not have the desired result, as this situation is not supported in these table models. These actions are no longer allowed in the UI, preventing users from creating incorrect tables.

Fixed a bug where column properties are not shown after paste

After copying a table and pasting it in another location, the column properties and the column entry in the breadcrumbs were no longer shown when using the DITA table model. This is no longer the case.

Fixed a bug that prevented from content being replaced by a single special character

The find/replace functionality could not replace content by a special character if that character was entered by using Alt+numpad. This is now changed and content can be replaced with special characters no matter how they are inserted in the replace field.

Known issues

  • Problems with rendering html content after the Xopus island in IE:
    In IE10 and later, html content after the <xml> island in the html might not be rendered correctly if self-closing tags are used in this xml. Wrap an extra <div> tag around <xml> or replace self-closing tags with pair-closing tags to resolve it.
  • When copying content in the tags on view in Internet Explorer, the text of the tags is copied to the clipboard as well.
  • Processing instructions for placeholders (xm-replace_text) inserted using the API after loading the document are not recognized as placeholders.
  • Pasting multiple paragraphs in Firefox without the SDL copy/paste extension does not paste all content.

Supported browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox