Xopus 5.4.1

This release fixes a number of bugs based on customer feedback.

The UX has being aligned with recent SDL's new brand identity.


Release date: May 11th 2017

Release notes

Updated Xopus to new SDL branding

Product UI has been aligned with the new SDL branding.

Fixed a bug where resize handles were not shown for images or tables

It is now possible to resize an image or a table inside a document with mouse using resize handles they were not appearing in a document due to the bug.

Fixed a bug in resizing functionality that caused the mouse cursor to disappear

When dragging a resize handle to resize, for example, a table column and letting go outside of the Xopus document iframe, the dragging operation was not finished correctly, and the mouse cursor disappeared.

This is now fixed and you can finish dragging anywhere, also outside of the iframe.

Fixed a bug where a column in a table couldn't be resized in left direction

In some cases in DITA/CALS tables, a column separator couldn't be dragged to the left. It is fixed now and columns can be resized.

Fixed a bug where scrolling by using mouse selection didn't work in Google Chrome

There was a bug reproducible in Google Chrome only where a document wouldn't scroll while selecting the text by using mouse. The behavior is now aligned with Firefox and IE.

Disabled creating selection with non-primary mouse button

Before this change it was possible to create a selection in the editor by dragging with any button pressed. This can now only be done with the primary (left in most cases) mouse button.

The other buttons still function in the same way, but can no longer modify the selection. This change was primarily done for Chrome, where pressing right click sometimes modified the existing selection.

Improved pasting of list items

When pasting several list items rather than the whole list, they were pasted as separate paragraphs. Now they are pasted combined into the new list.

Fixed a bug where lists with "list" role defined in configuration were not split correctly

It is not always possible to define a list as ordered or unordered in configuration. In this case, you can use the "list" role. In this fix, the behavior when splitting lists with this role is now aligned with the behavior for ordered and unordered lists

Improved pasting of lists from outside sources

When pasting a list from outside sources, for example from Microsoft Word or HTML page, into a list in a document, the behavior was different from when copy-pasting a list inside the same document. The behavior is now aligned between these.

Fixed a bug with jumping caret in Find and Replace fields

When modifying text in either Find or Replace fields in search panel, the caret was jumping to the end of the string. Its behavior is now fixed.

A message is shown in the Javascript console when a deprecated API method is used

Some of the methods in the API are deprecated and might be removed from future versions of the product. To allow for a smooth upgrade in the future, we are warning when these methods are used.

The XopusText.isElementContentWhitespace method is now deprecated.

This method is analog to the isElementContentWhitespace method in browsers, which is marked as obsolete as well. Usage of this method is discouraged and this method might be removed in the next version of the product.

More information on https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Text/isElementContentWhitespace

Fixed a bug that the XopusAfterPaste event was not always fired

When pasting content at the start of a textnode, the XopusAfterPaste event was not fired.

Fixed the bug that it was impossible to paste just whitespace

After the copy/paste changes in the previous release, it was no longer possible to paste just whitespace, like spaces or tabs. This is now possible again.

Fixed a bug that caused the XML view to collapse when pasting

The XML view has a feature to show only certain sections of the document by expanding and collapsing XML elements.

Pasting content into the XML view caused all elements to be collapsed, and this has now been fixed, the XML view will remain in the same state after pasting content from the clipboard.

Fixed a bug where table structure was incorrect after certain actions

Number of columns was not calculated correctly after certain operations like undo that caused unexpected behavior, for example inability to delete columns.

Fixed incorrect cursor position in right to left text

When loading text in a right to left language like Arabic or Hebrew, the cursor was rendered one position too far to the left, and typing and other editing operations were happening in a different place then where the cursor was shown.

This is now fixed and typing and pressing backspace/delete operate on the same location as where the cursor is shown.

Updated Content Management demo

Content Management demo that is shipped with Xopus installation had outdated style, links etc. It is now up-to-date.

The Chinese user interface is now more complete

We've added Chinese translations for several UI elements that were missing. Now we provide a more complete UI in Chinese.

Added instructions in the Xopus download

There is now a readme.txt in the Xopus download with some instructions to get the examples running.

Known issues

“No XSL output” error in Chrome 56 in certain scenarios.
Read more here: https://community.sdl.com/solutions/content-management/knowledge-center/xopus-developers/b/weblog1/posts/how-to-work-around-the-no-xsl-output-error-in-chrome-56

Supported browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox