Xopus 5.4.4

This release focuses on improvements to IME for CJK languages.

Release date: October 26th, 2018

Release notes

New or changed features and functionality

Improved IME support for CJK languages

To input CJK characters into a document it is no longer need to enable IME manually. The input is enabled automatically and provides a better experience for multiple-keystrokes typing.

Supported IMEs

  • Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input (for Windows 7)
  • Microsoft Pinyin (Simplified) (for Windows 8 and later)
  • Sogou Pinyin



Microsoft IME


Microsoft IME



Korean localization

Added Korean localization.

Korean localization is now available out of the box for user interface.

Dropping support for Internet Explorer 10

Starting with this release we will no longer support IE 10.

Issues that were fixed

Whitespace was lost after text is pasted from MS-Word

Fixed a bug where sometimes spaces were not pasted from MS Word.

In some cases MS Word stores space as a LF (NL line feed, new line) character. Such spaces were trimmed when pasted into the editor. Now they are replaced with a Space character and preserved in a document upon pasting.

Copy-Pasting tables resulted in default value for frame attribute

Fixed a bug where value of "frame" attribute was not preserved upon pasting a table.

When copy-pasting a CALS table with non-default value set for @frame attribute, the value was reverted back to default in the pasted table. This is now fixed and the value is preserved.

Images are not rendered correctly when dimensions are set with units of measure

Fixed a bug where images were not rendered correctly when their dimensions were set with defined units of measure.

It is possible to follow a real number set in width and height attribute of an Image with a unit of measure such as "pc", "cm", "in", and others. Images with such dimensional values were not rendered correctly in a document as they were defaulted back to pixels. It is fixed now and units of measure are taken into account when rendering an image.

Known issues

Composition is not started when typing over selection

When working in IME, a composition of a character will not start on the first keystroke when typing over a selection in text,

To work around, first press Backspace or Delete key to remove the selection and then start composing characters in regular way

Supported browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox