Try the demos and see for yourself that SDL Xopus is a user friendly editor that can be used for diverse types of documents. Just follow the link and SDL Xopus will automatically start. These demos are intended to be used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

Simple Document demo

Try SDL Xopus yourself! The text of the document contains tables, lists, some structure and other things you can try out for editing. Take a look at the different options for the table, and use the toolbar to make up your text like in a word-processor. This shows the main power of Xopus: that your content is always XML and always valid, in a browser-based editing environment.

Rich Text demo

The Rich Text demo shows off SDL Xopus rich text editing capabilities. The sections with their multiple display options show how you can display your content dynamically, and keep the same editing capabilities. This demo also shows how video content can be added and features an organigram that can be edited as well.

Recipe demo

Try SDL Xopus in this Recipe Demo. Paste rich text and see how SDL Xopus handles it. This demo shows how Xopus can offer a very controlled editing experience when paired with a strict XML Schema.


We support editing DITA documents in multiple ways. If you are interested in a demo, please contact us.


Above demos are also available on XopusFiddle. Here you can manipulate the XML source, XML Schema, Xopus configuration and Javascript to get an impression of the flexibility of the Xopus product.