How to mark all unread notifications as read

Hello! I would like my badge in the upper toolbar to stop showing 99+ and show 0 instead, but I've got 2756 unread notifications and I can't figure out how to mark them all as read. I've gone into some of the groups I subscribed to and found the "Mark as read" button under "More", but it never changed the results (still 2756). I have now turned off all notifications, including email. I figure there's gotta be a way to mark them all as read.

Thanks for any help!

  • Hi Michael,

    You've done the right thing, the 'Mark as read' button should do the work but there's a bug in the platform.
    We've raised this a month ago with the software provider but until today no solution.

    The only thing you could do as workaround at the moment is mark them as read one-by-one. (which will take very long for over 2700 notifications, I understand)
    Here's a page that makes it a little easier:

  • Hello again!

    Maybe this information will help others. I temporarily installed the "Linkclump" app for Chrome/Iron and was able to open a bunch of the links at one time, considerably speeding up the process. It's not super clean, but it works and I would recommend it for killing out hundreds/thousands of unread notifications until the bug gets fixed.

    Here's the procedure:

    1) Download Linkclump. I left the default settings.

    2) Go to the page linked by Lennert in his response. Make sure you select "That aren't read".

    3) Scroll down a few screens to get somewhere between 100-200 entries, then scroll back up to the top.

    4) Hold down Z on the keyboard (I'm using German QWERTZ, it worked) and hold the left mouse button to create a box for the links you want to open. Try to position the mouse to get only the links on the right side of the entries. You will miss short forum names, but you can clean those up later. Draw the box down to where you scrolled earlier.

    5) Dozens/Hundreds of tabs will open.

    6) Wait for Chrome/Iron to crash.

    7) Reopen Chrome/Iron and repeat until complete (make sure to set the filter to "unread"!). Each time I was able to "read" somewhere between 100-200 messages, so I had to do this about 15 times.

    @Lennert: I still have 11 "unread" notifications that will not disappear (also a known bug according to other forum entries). Could you please delete these for me?

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks a lot for your tips. This will be very helpful for others with loads of unread notifications!

    I will try to delete the 11 remaining notifications you've still got open.


  • Hi Michael,

    I went into our databases and manually deleted the 11 bugged unread notifications that were still open Slight smile

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