Unsubscribing from Translation Productivity Does Not Work

To whom it my concern,

I have tried to unsubscribe from Translation Productivity. Following each attempt at unsubscribing, I get conformation of unsubscription, only to receive at once the next messages from the community. Can I please get unsubscribed.

  • Hi,

    Just checked your settings and it looks like all subscriptions are off and also you're not subscribed to any other group.
    You do have enabled all notifications for if someone replies to content you write. (see screenshot below)

    At the moment there are two options I see:

    1. You receive notifications for replies/activity to your content (your questions in the TP forum for instance)
    2. You've got another account with subscriptions enabled.

  • This problem has appeared only very recently. I keep receiving links to comments or questions by other particpants at an unprecedented rate (10-20 today?). When I click on the unsubscribe link, I get the below message - but nothing changes, it does not take long before I get the next undesired contribution:

    Mute Successful

    You will no longer receive e-mail notifications from this thread.

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  • Hi,

    In principal the unsubscribe link should not have to be used, if you unsubscribed in your settings (like you did).
    Can you please forward two or three emails you received from the Community today to lfransen@sdl.com ?
    I will try to investigate a little more because your settings seem to be correct.

  • Hi ,

    Thank you for forwarding the emails you're receiving.
    As I suspected you've got a second account that is receiving the subscription emails.
    You will have to login to your second account, confirm the email address and unsubscribe from the TP forums.

    I will send you some more information by email because of privacy details.