Idea Delivered
over 2 years ago

21-6-2018 - Community development team is working on this

27-6-2018 In progress - making sure people will be redirected back to the page they came from 

Idea has been implemented, after login you will be redirected to your last community path, I have to mention that it does take (0.2-0.5 seconds) to get redirected 

from the homepage to that path upon login.

Redirect to previous SDL Community page after (SSO) logon

I hope I'm not duplicating an idea of someone else.

When I access a link to a specific idea, and I'm not logged in on the SDL Community page yet, I can see the idea description, comments etc. In order to vote the idea up or down, I need to login. So when I click on the vote up/down button, the login screen appears and, in my case, asks me if I want to log in with the same user account I have logged in before (the following behaviour is the same, when I have to enter my credentials manually). I confirm and then instead of being redirected to the same idea page I was previously looking at, I am redirected to the home page of the SDL community. I then have to click "back" twice in my browser to go back to the idea page, and then refresh that page, so that I'm logged in again, and then I can vote the idea up or down. It would be much better, if I was redirected back to the idea page right away after the login. Is there an option in my user account where I can say that I want to be redirected to the previous SDL Community page instead of the home page? If so, I couldn't find it (if the option exists, could you please point me to its location?). The behaviour is the same for me in Chrome and IE. Please see attached GIF demo: