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Community logo resized correctly

Repair SDL Community stretched logo in notification emails


The notification emails from SDL Community are having the logo stretched like in a screenshot below.

Also, there's this unloaded image on the bottom, which upon being loaded disappears from view.

Could we please have that fixed?

Thank you

  • That is indeed a nice coincidence, as this issue is with us since mid April last year.

    Good to know and am glad this will be fixed.


    And about the missing image - if I click to download missing images it just disappears so still I am not sure what the purpose of it is

  • Hi Pawel,

    Thanks for letting us know. Coincidentally, I've raised this with our developers last week and they're working on it.
    The stretched image will be fixed soon.
    The missing image is actually your email inbox blocking it, if you click on the bar 'Download all images' it shouldn't be there anymore: