By Maria Hudson
October 10, 2019 - read time: 3 min
As the leader in content creation, translation and delivery globally, we are changing things up here at SDL, and moving to a new online experience. However, before we go live with a fully functional new website, we want to test our revamped design look and feel, user interface and, most importantly, our new digital experience with YOU!

Coming from a website structure dense with good content which is sometimes difficult to find, we are now implementing clean and clear design principles, which we hope will simplify the visitor journey, provide easier navigation and discoverability, and will relate with our visitors. This is a significant milestone in our continuing work to make a better, simpler and more intuitive digital space for everyone. 

The new design, which is currently in beta, features many new updates. These include a completely refreshed homepage with a drop-down menu to easily find out more about our translation and content management technology or services, as well as how we can help you create, translate and deliver content. All this, alongside new product, solution and services pages and areas, to help you decide the approach you or your department wants to take to go global. Our aim is to provide a much cleaner and more user-friendly experience for all our visitors, whether you are an enterprise or translator; a customer or partner; or completely new to SDL. 

A select number of people will be invited to test the new beta website, while the majority will continue to use the current website. However, we want everyone to be able to take a look at what’s coming and be able to provide feedback. 

All feedback will be reviewed by SDL and will impact future changes as we further develop and fine tune the experience for all our visitors. Additionally, new functionality and features will be coming as the trial continues. 

Building on our long history in content technology innovation and service enablement, we will continually look to improve by adding in extra functionality, more options, and a great user experience along the way—allowing our digital presence to have its own identity and maintain its lead with the very best premium brands and global businesses. 

Pay a visit to today, and tell us what you think!