Staying Connected with Customers: Solutions for the Finance and Legal Sectors 

At SDL Connect last year, we showcased our language and content solutions for the regulated industries like Financial Services and Legal.  With very specific security and compliance pressures and challenges, we explained that as a valued partner, our model at SDL optimizes your processes for creating content, managing content, streamlining translations and accelerating delivery to customers. 

This session will delve a little deeper into how we support enterprises with solutions to overcome complex content challenges – from creating and understanding multilingual content to content management.  Our panel of industry experts will discuss how we integrate services and technology into your existing processes, help you monitor and control risk and drive efficiencies and cost reductions in your business.  We will also address continuity of global business through content, talking through how we protect both your customers and your business while helping you to remain agile and on top of constantly changing conditions. 


  • Christophe Djaouani – Executive Vice President, Regulated Industries
  • Anna Gargiulo – Vice President, Regulated Industries
  • Christy Ma – APAC Regional Vice President, Regulated Industries
  • Tim Woodhouse – EMEA Director, Regulated Industries
  • David Hetling – Marketing Director, Regulated Industries

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