Intelligent Content in 2020 and Beyond 

As the world as we know it continues to change, it has become clear that business continuity, as well as content clarity and delivery, is a struggle for many companies. The importance of well-informed (remote) employees, self-service capabilities for customers and great digital experiences for all stakeholders is more obvious than ever before. During this session we’d like to Re:Connect with you and talk about SDL’s approach to Content Management, the Digital Workplace and Intranet optimization, translation services and Linguistic AI, and how these are all interrelated. 

At last year’s SDL Connect, we discussed how Intelligent Content will become the cornerstone of employee and partner enablement, and the foundation for better digital experiences. Join us to hear about our technology developments, what’s in store for the future, what the analysts say about SDL and how we can help you. We’ll explore our vision for our content management offering, SDL Tridion, and how it evolves into an Intelligent Content Platform, helping you increase productivity and deliver personal content at scale while simplifying integrations with other pieces of your technology ecosystem. 

After a brief presentation there will be an open panel discussion facilitated by Arjen van den Akker, product marketing director at SDL. We have a team of product management and marketing experts lined up to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to interacting with you. 

  Speakers: ​

  • Joe Pairman – Senior Product Manager
  • Arno van Nijnatten – Senior Product Manager
  • Arpita Maity – Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Chris Chrcek – Senior Director Product Management

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