RE:Connect - Staying connected through Language and Content

Host: Alex Jarvis, Senior Vice President Corporate Marketing
Speakers: Adolfo Hernandez, SDL CEO & SDL Executive team members

At a time when the world needs your content the most, SDL launches Re:Connect, our virtual event series helping you interact with likeminded people and get the most out of your content strategy and digital reach. Join our opening and interactive keynote session with SDL CEO Adolfo Hernandez, who will discuss how to stay connected through language and content during these times. He will be addressing five essential questions that will support you in building brand equity, continuity of business, communication clarity and content delivery, covering: - Navigating global (and multilingual) communications in uncharted times.

- Delivering trusted brand presence across markets.
- Making the most of your content management with intelligent structuring.
- Transforming digital delivery to meet global demands and ensuring productivity.
- Ensuring content security & compliance in virtualized environments.

There will also be an 'Ask Me Anything' session with Adolfo and the SDL executive team at the end.

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