Under Community Review
over 1 year ago

Ability to suppress computer generated text in either Line Editor or Text mode

There are times when a lot of text is being captured and it makes life very difficult for the operator (or Style Developer, debugging specs) when there is so much comp.gen. text in amongst tags, macros and 'real' data.

Sometimes its very useful to have CG text visible. Other times it would be helpful, and aid operator efficiency, to suppress it.

If an additional argument could be given to the px macro such that CG text would be left visible or suppressed.

  • This would be an -additional- option rather than suppressing it completely. i.e. if you want to see CG then leave px macro as-is, I'm suggesting adding an option whereby the CG is suppressed.  Also, this is NOT a display property (e.g. Display menu/ toggle CG on/off).  

  • No sure i agree with this - especially in CSS mode when using the -xpp-perl-mfrag - this is the whole point of using it - to show the fragment. What we have done is changed the color of the generated text so it is very obviously generated and that differentiates it from the text stream.