Not Considering

This can be done with current product features as Steve has described so is not being considered for product development. If you need help with the technical implementation of this you can contact the Professional Services team for assistance.

Adding support for runtime color specs

Currently, we are building the color spec based on pre-defined color information. Is there a way we can provide runtime support for colors. For ex: our input xml will contain the color information (cmyk or spot) at runtime and we would need to use that color information in the loaded data and generate the pdf.

  • Bart,

    Although CSS may allow RGB color values, with XPP the only acceptable "color" values are the eight standard XPP color names or specifying a color number from a color control spec.

  • There is a utility to create the color spec from an XML file. You would have to add some intelligence to your "publish" process and extract the color information from the  source XML and then dynamically create the color spec using the defined XML color spec format with the values. The problem will be that you have to assign it a color number and then reference that number in the XPP style. An auto-incrementing number that is added as a new color is  being defined and then placed on the tag with an attribute that references the number can then change the color. You will have to reference that color spec in the Job Ticket, and place the color spec in the job. 

  • Ravi,
    This is already more or less possible using CSS (although you can only use RGB based values)