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Color Spec file

There is no ability to auto sort the new color spec - in the old days it would be in strict numerical order - now its difficult to know what numerbs have been used and what have not.

  • Actually if adding "sorting" to one column then presumably it could be added to all the columns relatively simply. I agree Mark's answer is a "user defined" fiddle but it should be in the core product - who adds a number (the primary field) and sees it placed non-numerically.

  • Yes I can see that this becomes a problem over time.
    It should not be a big problem for engineering to add a 'sort numerically' entry in the interface to rearrange your color spec.
    And while we are there why not add the possibility to sort alphabetically based on the color names - this would make it easier to find a particular color.
    Or what about a 'find color' entry that allows you to search for a particular (partially) color name?

    At first I was like Mark and thought well the color spec file is ascii, how hard is it to write a script that does that for you.
    But at second thoughts I think this really should be integrated in the interface.

  • I have some Perl that will take the color spec, and find 'holes' or gaps in the sequencing. It wouldn't take more than a few lines of additional code to sort numerically by color number and/or by color name.  And export it to a new spec file of course ;)     Let me know if this is of interest and I'll dig it up and post here.