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Enable access to ALL system and frill variables

While there are pages and pages of system and frills variables, there are still many missing.

When viewing the Status Window, there are many attributes and dimension values that are not accessible via the % or ! variables.

E.g.   !tbcypos - tabular cell y position.

Strangely, there IS tbcxpos - but not the ypos?

Rather than list variables that aren't present, it would be easier to simply make ALL Status Window values available as % or ! variables.

  • Again, Mark, what we were hoping for is a prioritized list (from at least you, since you initiated this Idea, and at one point you said you would provide such a list).

    If you throw a list of 100 things to do at us (or anyone), it's human nature to just ignore it altogether - it's too big of a task to scope out or be able to "spend" resources to do.

    If you threw that same list at us but broke it down into a prioritized list, or even better as a list of shorter groups of "tasks" (or missing variables) in order of priority, then we would be more likely to task it out in those smaller chunks (as development tasks) - and at least address some of the highest priorities and perhaps over time be able to "spend" the time to get to others.

    Anyone else want to chime in with their prioritized list (or "groups") of "missing variables" that they would like to see added to XPP?

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • Hi Jen.   No list needed. Everything is in the Status Window for values displayed there that don't have a corresponding !variable or in the existing list of !variables that aren't displayed in the Status Window.  That would be most of what's needed.   

  • HI Mark,

    Would be helpful to get your list !!!

  • Thanks, Mark.

    And I missed that you had three "categories" in your request:
    1. Values "missing" in Status Window that have variables
    2. Variables "missing" for values in Status Window
    3. Values "missing" in both Status Windows and variables

    Yes we have the "technology", but not necessarily the time and resources.  Slight smile

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • I'll create a short, definitive list of what I would like to see as variable access and also what existing variables should (IMHO) appear in the Status Window.  Not being an engineer it seemed sensible to think if something did appear in the Status Window then XPP "knows" about it so it -should- be relatively easy to populate a variable.  Having worked with XPP since IPS 1.? I naturally assume that everything is possible. XPP Engineering Dept rarely disappoint ;)     I'll get onto that list ASAP.