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over 1 year ago

This is being delivered in XPP 9.4.

Need a way to suppress the 'Forward Reference' composition errors

Typically today you build your TOC that sits at the start of a division using cross references.
But when composing such a division you get a 'Forward Reference' error for each page number that you want to print in the TOC.
And you get maybe a high number of composition errors for each TOC page.
This high number of errors is drowning any real composition errors that could be on the TOC pages. 
That is very disturbing - especially if your goal is to create styles that in normal circumstance create no errors and only create a composition error when there is effectively an error.

I would like to see a setting in the job or maybe in the division ticket that allows me to suppress this meaningless composition errors as I know that I am using forward references.

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