Idea Delivered
over 1 year ago

This has been completed and will be available with XPP 9.4 later this year.

Pathfinder: Job and Div delete need confirmation before deletion

In pathfinder you can delete a division and even a whole job (including all divisions) with a single right mouse click + delete.

This gets executed immediately. No questions asked.

There should be an additional confirmation that asks you that this is what you really want to do.

  • I can confirm that Pathfinder on Windows is using the "delete confirmation dialog" property (of the Recycle Bin). It also honors the "move to recycle bin" option, so any files deleted are moved to the recycle bin. However, as with the normal recycle bin behavior if the files are not on your own file system, they will not be saved on your own machine.
    From the feed back, we will change Pathfinder to always ask for confirmation when deleting files/folders. Files moved to the Recycle bin will still be controlled by the Windows Recycle Bin property.

  • I would like to follow up on what Paul was saying....

    Pathfinder is indeed using the windows "delete confirmation dialog" setting.

    However when you delete a folder through windows explorer it is not deleted from the file system, but simply moved to the recycle bin.

    When you delete a job or division through pathfinder it is completely deleted from the file system.

    And even with the "delete confirmation dialog" set to off, windows explorer will still ask you for confirmation when you do a [SHIFT][DELETE] to permanently delete a folder.  (as pathfinder should!)

  • And yes I know that in 9.3 we will be given the possibility to deny access to these pathfinder functions through the xzplorer-deny.ini file but even so for users that are allowed access to the delete function, an additional confirmation dialog is needed.

  • excellent idea.

    It looks like, on a Windows install anyway, that  XPP Pathfinder  is using the Windows “delete confirmation dialog” property  (property of Recycle Bin)   and we would like it to ignore any Windows properties about deletion confirmation and <always>  get confirmation.