Idea Delivered Partially
over 2 years ago

PathFinder left/right panel sorting

Currently its possible to sort the right panel by Date, ascending/descending. This is OK.

However, the PathFinder doesn't appear to keep that sorting. Selecting a different item requires the sorting to be reapplied. Returning to a previously sorted path also requires sorting.  It would be extremely useful to keep a path-specific sort and/or a global sort.

i.e. some paths I need to look at alphabetically sorted, another path I might want date/ascending sorted


It would also be very useful to be able to select whether the left panel sorts the same as the right panel.

With some systems using a CMS that creates JOB names using 32 'hex' characters - sorting alphabetically in the left panel is meaningless, while sorting the right panel by Date is a requirement and, sometimes, the only way to ascertain the most recent or oldest item.

  • However, in XPP 9.x PathFinder does not go as far as Windows Explorer does in remembering a sort "per folder". It only remembers a single sort setting (per user) and applies that to all folders (in the List View pane) - until the User picks a different sort.

  • I'm not sure what version of XPP you are running, but in XPP 9.x, we added better numerical sorting. We also changed pathfinder so that it saves the last sort in the right panel. So you can sort alphabetically (forward/reverse) OR last modified(oldest/newest) and when move to a different tree it will sort the same way. Also if you exit Pathfinder and come back you will have the same sort.

    I dont think it is possible to have the left panel sort the same way as the right panel.