Idea Delivered

Jennifer updated status notes with release number of the software.

Lennert helped figuring out Community filtering for Ideas.


Please give us a way to filter out all ideas which have been delivered + mark release in which these ideas have been delivered

A lot of ideas have now the status  'idea delivered' 
First of all we have no idea in which release an idea has been delivered. For a customer that is on a somewhat older release it is impossible to know if that idea is available to him/she or not.
It would be nice if all ideas which are marked as ' delivered' get a last comment that mentions in which release that idea has been delivered.

Secondly as so many ideas have been 'delivered', they get a little bit in the way.
You can set a filter to see all the ideas that have been delivered:

But you can not set a filter to NOT see the ones that have been delivered.

Maybe to the ideas that have been delivered need to be set to the status ' closed' as you can set the filter to see all ideas with any OPEN status?

Thanks in advance for somebody taking the trouble to clean up the current ideas listing. 

  • Very happy to hear your life just got shiny and bright again Bart. Stuck out tongue

    Also thanks for the work Jennifer, awesome!

  • Lennert,

    We now know in what release an idea has been delivered, thanks to the closing comment that has been added (thank you )
    And your proposed filter setting now work great as well.

    Thanks you all very much for making my miserable life shiny and bright again Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your suggestions for SDL Ideas, managed in the SDL Community.

    I think it's great feedback and definitely best practice for product development and product management, if delivering an idea in the product, to add in the status notes in what release the enhancement was delivered .

    About status filtering:

    • If you want to filter out all delivered ideas, I suggest to filter on: "With any open status"
      • All ideas with statuses: Idea delivered, Idea delivered partially, Not considering, Not Planned and Duplicate will be filtered out.
      • This way you will see all ideas that are still open for discussion and not yet pushed to development by product management.
    • Creating a new filter is out of SDL's hands, as we will need to open an ER with our platform provider to get that implemented.

    Would that work as well?

  • Bart,

    Sorry, I don't have those types of permissions for the community pages. All I can do is add and reply to posts.

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • Jonathan,

    Eternal gratitude Raised hands tone1 is waiting for you if you clean up the current lis tScroll of ideas Grinning
    Or even if you can persuade some other person to do so...