See "Take 2" which is the IDEA we will track going forward.

Set free our numeric keypad!

In the old days, when Xyvision moved from proprietary hardware to standard hardware like PC's, it made sense to try to mimic the soft key pad by confiscating the numeric keypad.

But nowadays, how many people will ever get used to the odd soft keypad thing that does not even fit the layout of a normal numeric keypad? People prefer to use the mouse to drive the softkeys or even the X-buttons. The numeric keypad just becomes a total waste of space.

So why not provide a setting in the xyview.ini file so that the user can choose whether to continue using the numeric keypad as a substitute for the old soft keys (for the old die hard users) or just leave the numeric keypad be a normal numeric keypad? (oh and while we are at it, why not a similar setting in the sdedit.ini file)

Whether this setting would be combined with 'restoring' the normal behavior of other keys remains something that needs further discussion...
I am thinking here about things like making the 'page up' and 'page down' letting you move to the next or previous page. And the 'Home' and 'End' keys that let you jump to the start or end of a block.
All in all let the XPP behave like any other application so people do not have to learn new ways of doing things..
Maybe those additional settings require additional entries in the .ini files...I don't know.

First of all if you like the numeric keypad idea, just log in and press the up arrow.
Second don't be shy. If you have your own opinion about this. leave it below in the comments!

  • Thomas,
    Yes I do know that some people love their soft keys.
    It is just my personal observations that 'new' users do no longer use them.

    Hence it should be a personal choice in the .ini file whether you want this or not.
    Me personally I would switch things to 'off' and prefer to have a fully functional numeric keypad.
    But my wife would prefer to keep the soft keypad function

  • The softkeys on the numeric keypad are part of the toolset the staff here use to process just about everything quickly. If the toggle/setting from softkey to "actual key" was a local override, that would work. I am fairly certain no one at this site would give up their keypad softkey buttons.

  • I could not live without the soft keys - i cant touch type very well except in the soft keys!!! But then I am one of the old die hard users (perhaps even a dinosaur!). So long as its not removed but an option it sort of makes sense but I would never have suggested it as its just there and used all the time.

  • That being said, I like that you've included in your Idea that it should be possible to retain the old behavior.  Slight smile

  • All I can say, Bart, is that we continue to have customers who insist that they do not want to use the mouse unless absolutely necessary and want to be able to do everything only with keystrokes.  Neutral face