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over 1 year ago

XML needs a better way to enter the equivalent of a [SHIFT][RETURN]

XPP users know that there is a way to split a title in 2 lines and still have that same text come out in 1 line when it is called out in a folio.
You can do so by entering a [SHIFT][RETURN] and setting the appropriate quad mode.

But do you know how to enter this [SHIFT][RETURN] character into an XML instance that you want to import?

Probably you don't. You have to enter the following <?xpp @000a?> pi.

Sure there has to be a better way.

My preferred solution would be to enter a LF or CR as an entity: &#xa; or &#xd; (or &#10; of &#13; if you prefer the decimal way).

Unfortunately XPP does not allow character below 0x20 to be entered in XCS spec.


<title>Long title&#x0a;split over 2 lines</title>