Idea Delivered
over 1 year ago

I am happy to report that we will be posting an updated downloadable PDF archive .zip as follows:

  • When we release a new XPP version release or service pack.
  • Once a quarter (if there have been any updates during the previous quarter)

The Description associated with the archive has been updated to include the current archive date.

If you check now you will find that an updated complete XPP 9.3 .zip file was created and posted last week!

XPP Documentation - requesting a single zip of all latest manuals

It seems that XPP documentation is only available as individual PDFs that can be downloaded one by one


as a single zip file containing all the PDFs.

However that single zip archive contains only the PDF documents that were available "on the original release date".

At the current time that single zip archive contains the PDF documents from June 2017.
However there are 10 manuals that appear to have been updated since then.

It would be nice to have another single zip of all the latest manuals i.e. a zip that is updated whenever a manual is updated. (or maybe a zip for each point release?)