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  • XML needs a better way to enter the equivalent of a [SHIFT][RETURN]

    • Under Community Review on 11 Dec 2018
    XPP users know that there is a way to split a title in 2 lines and still have that same text come out in 1 line when it is called out in a folio. You can do so by entering a [SHIFT][RETURN] and setting the appropriate quad mode. But do you know how...
    • 18 Oct 2018 6:54 PM
  • Update xychange default message

    • Under Community Review on 8 Jul 2020
    I dea Details: Whenever xychange uses default trans tables found in Lsysib (because it is unable to locate job ticket specified tables in the local JOB or the master xychange library), I'd like to see the message reported for logging to be changed so...
    • 6 Jul 2020 7:45 PM
  • CSS: make all PDF tagging features (bookmarks, annotation,...) available through XyPerl

    • Under Community Review on 15 May 2020
    With PDF Direct we have a very nice and easy way of adding bookmarks and annotations to our PDF using the -xpp-pdf-.... properties. The attr() function adds some flexibility to those. But sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes you just that extra...
    • 6 Apr 2020 6:43 PM
  • Access Named number registers from xyPerl

    • Under Community Review on 26 Jun 2019
    • 1 Comment
    The value of number registers can be read directly from xyPerl using the $X->get_reg(#NUMBER) function. But for named number registers there is no equivalent function. It would be nice if there would be a $X->get_named_reg(NAME, LEVEL) function (or...
    • 15 May 2019 11:17 AM
  • Method for accessing characters in an OTF font not bound to a Unicode value

    • Under Community Review on 1 Mar 2018
    • 1 Comment
    XPP is able to access any glyph in an OTF font that is bound to a Unicode value. However important character sets that may be included in a font such as Old Style Figures, Small caps or (tabular/lining/proportional) figures that do not have a corresponding...
    • 27 Feb 2018 4:54 PM
  • Color Spec file

    • Under Community Review on 26 Feb 2020
    There is no ability to auto sort the new color spec - in the old days it would be in strict numerical order - now its difficult to know what numerbs have been used and what have not.
    • 12 Feb 2020 3:37 PM
  • define default values for new style file fields

    • New on 14 Jul 2020
    • 1 Comment
    When there is a new fields added to a style file, the XPP automatic style upgrade process will set this field to a value so the system keeps behaving like it did before. For SDL engineering and some customers this makes sense. As they do not want the...
    • 14 Jul 2020 7:42 PM
  • Enable access to ALL system and frill variables

    • Under Community Review on 8 Jul 2019
    While there are pages and pages of system and frills variables, there are still many missing. When viewing the Status Window, there are many attributes and dimension values that are not accessible via the % or ! variables. E.g. !tbcypos - tabular...
    • 27 Jun 2019 2:49 PM
  • Text Mode - Saved text should appear identical after it is restored

    • Under Community Review on 13 Dec 2019
    Working primarily in Text Mode, we use many restores daily, as templates (with placeholder text to be updated immediately after each restore). To help easily locate the content needing to be updated, we format the appearance of the text (Med, Bold...
    • 3 Dec 2019 8:19 PM
  • JavaScript as replacement for the macro language

    • Under Community Review on 22 Feb 2017
    • 1 Comment
    Yes we currently do have Perl as the default replacement for the XPP macro language when we are using CSS (and that is nice and works fine). But the natural companion to CSS is JavaScript and not Perl. So it makes a lot more sense to build the future...
    • 21 Feb 2017 9:35 AM