over 1 year ago

Global setting to deactivate the Status Changes dialog box from the Oxygen Connector

Hi folks,

Hoping this is the correct forum for this; the fact that the last post was 2017 is not reassuring.

I actually want to change the status of a topic maybe one time out of every 15 that I open it in Oxygen, and yet I have to wait for and respond to the Status dialog every single time I open and close the topic. How about giving me a setting where I can just say "leave the status as it is" by default, skip the dialog box which is useful maybe 6.7% of the time, and let me change status from the Publication manager when I want to change status?

I'm sure this pop up looked good during product planning, and is likely not nearly as irritating when working in a schema that fragments content less than DITA, but when authoring in DITA it's basically a message direct from SDL to the author that the author's time is of no value at all as far as SDL is concerned.