Under Community Review

Admin can force acceptance of the invitation for email domains setup with SSO.

When we have a new use case for using SDL Language Cloud we typically need to complete the following tasks...

  1. Create a customer + groups.
  2. Add / invite any new users.
  3. Create a workflow.
  4. Create a project template.
  5. Train the users and launch.

However we can't complete step 3 until all the users have accepted their invitations. If one or more users is unavailable or slow completing this it massively increases the admin overhead as we can't complete the config and any project created before we do would have to be reviewed and tasks reassigned, etc. Chasing the users to get this done quickly is a pain and in some cases they are not in the office so it's impossible.

We would like an option to change the behaviour for email addresses where SSO has been setup. Instead of sending an invitation to the user it would create the user already accepted and send a notification email instead. This would then allow tasks in workflows and new projects to be assigned to that user.