Under Community Review

Improve the UI for entering Languages

These issues occur when-ever you enter a list of languages. Both during configuration of resources such as workflow + project template and also creating new projects if you need to modify the required languages.

Improvement 1 - Fix adding another language when you tab away.

If you type part of a language you are presented with a list of matching options. If you select one then this is added to the list but sometimes the text typed so far remains in the text box. Other times it is cleared ready for the next language to be entered. This text inevitably results in an options list and if you tab away the language currently selected in that list is added. This can result in random languages being added by mistake.

NB - We haven't yet found a pattern to when the text is cleared / left. It is very random.

Improvement 2 - Paste single items from Excel.

Previously you were able to create a list of languages in Excel and then paste each in turn into the language field. This currently doesn't work. However you can paste the list into Notepad and then cut and paste these one at a time. However this is much slower than pasting from Excel as you have select the line where in Excel it selects the cell automatically.

Improvement 3 - Paste a list from Excel.

As above - it would be much easier if you could paste a list of languages from Excel or in fact any other application such as an email in Outlook.

Improvement 4 - Favourite languages for our instance.

It would be useful to be able to select the languages currently used / supported on our instance. Then the language field should only display these by default. But with the option of disabling this filter in a similar way to the way to how assigning users to tasks currently works. For example when we type "french" it would only display the 3 variants we use and not the complete list which pushes the one we are interested in off the visible list.