Review Process Improvement Ideas from customer

1) Batch Submission. If my recollection serves me well TMS products as old as SDL Workflow had a feature to submit files as 1 big batch or user-defined batch sizes at any given supply chain step. 

ManTra doesn't seem to and while I appreciate its idea is to strip things down for users that aren't from the loc industry, I don't see a reason why that feature shouldn't be included. 

Things can get a bit tedious when you want to keep files in your inbox until you're done so you can refer back to them for comment consistency management across a batch but then have to perform an individual button click per file to submit.


2) User Reports. I would love to download a report detailing file names and word count data for my own ref and to attach to my invoice for transparency, but there doesn't seem to be such a feature. 


3) Comment Consistency Management. Would be easier and real-time if reviewers could download XLIFFs or, for simplicity, some kind of bilingual file showing comments made. This would substantially decrease or eliminate the risk of inadvertently providing inconsistent comments across large content sets possibly creating churn and delays across the supply chain.