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Should the system wait until all items are translated before starting to publish bundle workflow or should start as soon as one item is translated and keeps on updating until all items are translated?

Content Editors should be able to initiate translation workflow and upon completion, transition into publish bundle workflow automatically.

Currently, the translation workflow process is initiated and completed separately from publish workflow. Once translation workflow is complete, the individual items/components become major versions, and editors then need to go in and initiate the publish workflow.

It would be more efficient for the translation workflow to seamlessly transition to the publish workflow automatically without the items becoming major version upon completion of translation workflow. Or an editor can manually define for the bundle to go through publish workflow after translation is complete using either a flag or if they click on Start Workflow within the bundle, they can select to have the publish workflow start immediately after the translation workflow is complete.

  • They are 2 different workflow serving different purpose and should be kept separate. Both should be allowed for a schema. We have an established bundle workflow process for publishing and Translation review workflow are new web 8.5 which will be used for translations only.

  • Having an option to start the publish workflow immediately after the translation workflow successfully completes would be a powerful enhancement. It eliminates a step and makes the workflow more efficient.