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Publish Structure Group or Folder items individually

We have a client whose main structure group is /Root, and under that there are about 100 other structure groups with a total of about 500 pages. The easiest way to publish the whole site is to go to the main publication, select /Root, and publish everything to all child sites.

It sometimes happens that a page fails, and so the publishing for the entire site fails.

It would be nice to have a checkbox to "Publish Pages Individually", so that instead of /Root being added to the publishing queue, all of the pages under /Root would be added. That way if 1 of the 500 pages fails then most of them will succeed and you have a lot less to check and republish.

Yes, we could also use the advanced search to accomplish this. This checkbox would mean that those who publish using the Publish dialog instead, of the advanced search, would have an easier way to publish the pages.