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Republish in the Publishing Queue is available as of SDL Tridion Sites 9.1. Thank you for the idea and feedback!

Republish option in Publish Queue

How about a "Republish" or "Redo" option on the publish queue items? Sometimes a transaction fails (and get fixed in the background) which require republish. Currently you have to locate the page or sg again in the tree, and then click on the publish dialog. Then reselect all the publish properties, and hit publish. It will save a lot of click if you can simply right click on the item in the publish queue and select republish.

Note: this was the most voted for idea on the former SDL Tridion Ideas site (submitted by Hendrik Tredoux); it got 32 votes there.

This functionality has been made available as an extension already:

If you think that providing this functionality Out Of The Box adds a lot of value: vote for this idea (and let us know why).

  • From below conversations it seems audience is also interested on auto republishing of items. I believe automatic redo/re-publish option in case of failure of publishing will be an overhead on infrastructure. Let’s say item has been failed during publishing due to some n/w error. And if this feature will be available tridion will keep on trying to publish the item irrespective of original issue is present or not. 

    There also may be requirement of publishing same items which were successful earlier but due to some content change republishing is required.

    So rather driving option towards auto republishing it will be better provide option on right click menu on items present in publishing queue.

    It will help users to select desired items from publishing queue [user may select all or one item] and mouse right click option will have this functionality will be really helpful.

    1. I don't believe so. I've often been tasked with fixing something (restarting a deployer) and then publishing the previously failed items; waiting for the original user (cross timezones) often isn't an option.
    2. So the usecases I have seen that would support including successful transactions
        a) when wanting to republish previously published items _but to a different target_
        b) when I've been testing specific content whilst changing templates and/or content or for mass publishing tests
        c) when there're multiple failed items before and after a successful item and using CTRL+Click is too much hassle (i.e. I just shift click the broader selection of items)

    3.   a) I guess it depends on why the item failed.
            i) If this was set to pre-render and it failed on rendering or transporting then I'd like to be able to re-trigger the same intention to render now and schedule per the first attempt;
            ii) If this was set to pre-render and it failed on deployment then I suspect there's now a sense of urgency to get this on the intended target and the schedule is now irrelevant.
        b) There's no pre-render here so I'd suggest the same as (ii) above
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  • What's the main reason for deviating from the functionality that is already implemented in the 'Republish from Publish Queue' GUI Extension (linked to from the Idea description above)? Surely this is the functionality that is known and loved by the community, so why change it? Is it the level of effort required or the complications described below (figuring out permissions, etc.) or some other reason(s)?