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over 1 year ago

Republish option in Publish Queue

How about a "Republish" or "Redo" option on the publish queue items? Sometimes a transaction fails (and get fixed in the background) which require republish. Currently you have to locate the page or sg again in the tree, and then click on the publish dialog. Then reselect all the publish properties, and hit publish. It will save a lot of click if you can simply right click on the item in the publish queue and select republish.

Note: this was the most voted for idea on the former SDL Tridion Ideas site (submitted by Hendrik Tredoux); it got 32 votes there.

This functionality has been made available as an extension already:

If you think that providing this functionality Out Of The Box adds a lot of value: vote for this idea (and let us know why).

  • This is an idea that has proved itself. Since Hendrik originally proposed it, there have been, to my knowledge, three implementations of an extension. One by me on the old extensions framework, then Bart did one on Anguilla when it was new, and then later did another one on Alchemy. This functionality doesn't seem to have a downside - and as far as I can see, the only reason it never made it into the product was the availability of extensions. Apart from anything else, I'd like to see /that/ logic turned on its head. The fact that people implement a feature as an extension is evidence that there's a case for the feature. (Obviously, not all features are for everyone.) These days, with the move to the cloud, creating extensions involves more administrative effort than previously, and isn't always possible for everyone. Let's get the good ones into the core product!

  • Additional requirement.

    I want automatic republish (re-try publish) option for scheduled publishing.

    If publishing is failed due to network or some accidental reason, need only republish.

    However, we are not there. because over work time.