Under Community Review

We had the ability to resolve the location of a Component in previous Tridion versions from the workflow related item list. Currently you can still get to a page in workflow in XPM, but not Components. We'll leave this open and consider how we could improve the flow for future UI development.


Translation Review workflow in XPM

In XPM, when a Translation Review workflow has reached the Translation Review activity, the "Things to do" list displays these activities to a user in the correct group.

Each activity contains a component in its related item - the user can open the component in the form view, but there's no way for the user to know where on a page - or even on which page - that component can be found.

Given XPM and Translation Review/Preview is designed to give reviewers an in-context view of translated content - the UX is poor just at the point when a user needs to see a workflow activities' component on a page.

Is there any way to identify a component on a page visually in XPM when a user starts a review activity?

As it stands - could you confirm the normal set of steps a reviewer would have to take in XPM in order to get to a page that contained the component of a review activity they;d just started?

Imagine they've loading XPM on the Homepage - but the review activity contains a component from a different page - how do they find and navigate to that page in XPM?

  • I think this could be solved with the "View on site" feature which would need to work even from a component stored in a parent publication (which is usually the case). At the moment the "View On Site" feature only works on Local components, not shared/inherited components. I guess I will submit a new Idea for this...