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over 1 year ago

Condition setting for each output

Publications can have conditional settings.

When changing conditions used in WebHelp or PDF from one publication, it is necessary to change it each time.

For example 1: WebHelp output does not want to output some sentence.

For example 2: Japanese version does not want to output some sentence. but English version have to output some topic.


Because the publication can have only one condition setting.

However, I do not want to have publications for different conditions. So, I would like to have a condition setting for each output.

  • We have some similar business cases for this kind of need (conditional output per language, such as safety warnings required by certain regions). But I see Mr. Nybäck's comment that "this [what?] is no longer supported." Is there any alternative?

  • FWIW, this is  no longer supported. The API class PublicationContext was deprecated a couple of releases back.  When we used a previous version of the CCMS we had many cases where there were more than one context stored for the same publication.