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Creating Translation Kit for Cost Estimation

There are times when our customers orders a translation then cancel it after a few weeks when seeing the quotation (price). This sometimes cause a problem for us since we use Darwin Information Typing Architecture or Document Information Typing Architecture (DITA) where topics are being shared.

When we received a translation order for Project A then after a few days received a translation for Project B, the topics that was not included in Project A would be the only one to be in the translation kit for Project B. Then after a few weeks Project A is cancelled causing a problem for Project B. When we look at the manual for Project B there are topics that are not translated since the translation for the topic had first been created in Project A.

We have no way of knowing which topics is being shared in SDL Knowledge Center (SDL KC) so it will be a great help to us if you can add a translation job for cost estimation without creating any problem in the translation status for a topic.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards.