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Translation Organizer: Associate a translation job with multiple TM configurations

Translation Organizer should facilitate associating a single translation job with multiple primary TM configurations, to ensure all files in the job are translated against the correct primary TM automatically.

Currently, when a translation job is created in Translation Organizer, a user must select a translation template that routes the files or translation against one primary TM, and other secondary TMs. This can impact translation matching, accuracy, and costs. In order to translate the files against different primary TMs, the user must create multiple, separate TM jobs for individual topics from the same publication. This is inefficient and error-prone.

  • Joe,

    I was referring to different TMs for different business segments. For example, if a publication contains 100 topics from our Marine segment and 6 topics from out Outdoor/Rec segment, unless we break the 6 Outdoor/Rec topics into separate jobs (which is inconvenient) we would have to select the marine translation template in Translation Organizer, which by default would process all the files against the Marine TM first. The 6 Outdoor/Rec files might not experience the same degree of matching against the marine TM as they would against the Outdoor/Rec TM.

    The desired functionality (automatically routing files to the appropriate TMs) was a feature of Content Collector when we used LiveContent Architect 2013, and it worked because CC routed files to TMs based on the owners of the CMS folders in which the files were held. TO does not have this functionality by default.

    In conjunction with our implementation of Knowledge Center 2016 (Tridion Docs 12), SDL implemented a means of routing our files to the correct TMs automatically when a TO job is submitted, so we currently have a workaround. However, we are concerned that when we upgrade the CMS or TMS, we might lose this functionality.

  • Hi Amy, so we understand better, are you referring to different TMs for different languages, or another use case?

    Thanks for any further info.