Under Community Review

Use of Wildcard Characters or Regular Expressions in metadataconfig.xml

The system that parses the metadataconfig.xml file should support the use of wildcard characters or regular expressions.

Currently, when users add a new output template to Tridion Docs, the new output name must be added to the metadataconfig.xml file in multiple places to ensure the correct fields are available in the output metadata dialog box. This process is inefficient and error prone, especially when using many output formats in a variety of sizes.

It would be easier to implement new output formats if the output names in metadataconfig.xml were based on a common aspects of the output name, such as type, and if wildcard characters or regular expressions were allowed for the rest of the name. For example, *_ISPI_PDF is easier to implement than 2.4x5.15_ISPI_PDF, 2.9x4.9_ISPI_PDF, 61x61_ISPI_PDF, and so on, for ten-or-more specific output sizes.