Translation Review workflow in XPM


In XPM, when a Translation Review workflow has reached the Translation Review activity, the "Things to do" list displays these activities to a user in the correct group.

Each activity contains a component in its related item - the user can open the component in the form view, but there's no way for the user to know where on a page - or even on which page - that component can be found.

Given XPM and Translation Review/Preview is designed to give reviewers an in-context view of translated content - the UX is poor just at the point when a user needs to see a workflow activities' component on a page.

Is there any way to identify a component on a page visually in XPM when a user starts a review activity?

As it stands - could you confirm the normal set of steps a reviewer would have to take in XPM in order to get to a page that contained the component of a review activity they;d just started?

Imagine they've loading XPM on the Homepage - but the review activity contains a component from a different page - how do they find and navigate to that page in XPM?