Under Community Review
over 2 years ago

Thanks for the submission. We have placed the idea under community review to gather more feedback and votes. Tangibly, if this has enough votes it'll could be considered alongside other top-ranking ideas for inclusion in Sites 9 or in future UI work. For example, see a related idea in the request for a Schema name in the Column view.

The Data Extender GUI extension mechanism you're using is generally the same in SDL Web 8 and Web 8.5 as it was in Tridion 2011. Reach out to Support for any issues.

Note that the ability to get from a page on Staging to the back-end page is available in Experience Manager, which is implemented in DXA. And vice versa, in recent versions we also made the "Sites" more explicit with links to available Target Types as well as the "view on site" feature.

Some questions on this idea:

  • Would your customer be looking for just the filename or the entire path? Or would the actual URL help?
  • Is there a preference if this information is available in all lists and/or via search only?

Add a Filename Column to the Structure Group List View

Add a new column to the Structure Group list view that would display the filename next to the Page Title.  This is helpful when trying to find the Index Page in a large list of Pages.  It is also very helpful when trying to find the Page in Tridion when we know the URL on the frontend.  I've made the extension for a client using Tridion 2011 and it has been requested to be added to Web 8 after the upgrade by the editorial team.

In Tridion 2011 I made a similar extension to show the URI of an item in the GUI as a new column, and hope it's this simple in Web 8.   http://www.curlette.com/?p=548

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