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Thank you for the idea, votes, and feedback, here's the current status for the new Schema column, planned for an upcoming release of SDL Tridion Sites. Slight smile

This includes the ability to sort and filter on the Schemas in a given list. We will drop the separate "Type" column as the information is available via the icon and in the information for the item. The item types as well as Schema column will also be filterable.

Folders will include the Schema name and Pages will show any default Schema they have set as well.

Details and interactions are subject to change. Please continue to offer your examples and votes to other ideas you're interested in as they've been helpful in understanding the enhancement request!

Add Schema Name Column to the Explorer View

Currently the CME interface has columns for name, type (component, folder, etc), publication, and modified date.

It would be helpful if there was also a way to display what the schema for a component is. This could take the form of a new column.

Or augmentation of an existing column.

This can be done by custom GUI extensions, but it seems like a no-brainer for a native feature.

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