Idea Delivered

This idea has been included in SDL Tridion Sites 9.5.

There will be a possibility to sort and filter on the Schemas in a given list. We have dropped the separate "Type" column as the information is available via the icon and in the information for the item. The item types as well as Schema column can also be used to filter on.

Folders will include the Schema name and Pages will show any default Schema they have set as well.

Add Schema Name Column to the Explorer View

Currently the CME interface has columns for name, type (component, folder, etc), publication, and modified date.

It would be helpful if there was also a way to display what the schema for a component is. This could take the form of a new column.

Or augmentation of an existing column.

This can be done by custom GUI extensions, but it seems like a no-brainer for a native feature.

  • I think removing the Type column completely would be okay.  I agree that the icon helps decipher what type you are actually looking at - and a hover-over on the icon might help clarify (if necessary), but usually we do a pretty good job of keeping the Types separated into different folders.

    I don't think that we have discovered a use case yet for augmentation in our implementation.

    It would definitely be helpful though to identify the schema name to understand what's in a folder.  Due to the way that our content is organized, several schemas are represented within the same folder, and the producers are appending "link" or "card" or "media" to the name of the component to more easily identify what is stored in the folder.  Adding a column with the schema name would also help when associating components to a page or within a component link association; text would be preferred, as I don't think a visual representation would be descriptive enough.

  • I like the option of augmentation of the existing column (Type).

    Being able to easily identify the content type of components is important. See also the idea titled "If a Folder has a mandatory Linked Schema, display the Schema Name in a Component."

  • Thanks, Travis. What scenarios or use cases would it be helpful knowing the Schema name for items in the list?

    For example are you looking for the Schema name to understand what's in a folder ("oh these are all Articles") or is this about grouping up and filtering like-items (e.g. see "Container" components separate from other types content)?

    For columns, we've also heard requests to remove the Type column (since you can already tell the type by the icon) or the ability to have a custom icon per schema. Would your request be mainly for text or would a visual representation help (or make it harder)?