In Progress

Scheduled for Sites 9.5.

The idea of user-based time stamps is definitely a familiar request and applicable to global or Cloud customers and deployments.

Current approach to implement this idea is to switch CM on server side (database, server logic, TOM.NET and CoreService APIs) to use UTC times only. Content Manager Explorer and Experience Manager will convert all date/time values to user local timezone on the fly. This change will be applied to all date/time values exposed in API, such as modification date, scheduled publish date, times when publish stansaction changed its state (e.g. from Rendering to Transporting), when workflow activity was started etc.

Implementing this will introduce a compatibility break, so there's a bit of investment to align the date format across the user, lists, Content Manager, and Content Manager Explorer. We'll have to see how much interest there is and the impact on users and the system.

Display modification date/time of items based on user's time zone in CME

Modification date/time of items in Content Manager (component, pages, folders, etc.) are based on server time. With editors working globally, editors could very well be in a different time zone.

It would be nice to display the modification date/time of items based on the user's time zone (which then can be configured in "User Preferences"). This is applicable to all areas where modification date/time is displayed: list view, Info tab, etc.

  • This idea will be helpful. Though i am agree with Dominic but it will be great if this feature can be optional. that means if client wants to enable this feature then only local timezone will be visible along wit server time with respective labels to minimize the confusion on time zone. it will surely help editors to schedule their activities more easily.

  • What you suggest sounds attractive, but I wonder if it might not be more confusing. Once you start showing local date/time for one thing, you'd have to do it for everything, or you'd have two systems and no-one would know which they were looking at.

    I suspect that the choice of server time is deliberate, and probably based on how people work with the publish queue and scheduled publishing.