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over 1 year ago

Binary might not be changed however templates might be changed and you need to publish additional binary variant or place binary in different place in publish transaction

Agree with Dominic

Would like to know opinion on separate publish dialog setting "Re-publish only changed content"? That will be applied to all items not only binaries 

Do not re-publish binaries if they have not changed and have been previously published to that target

Do not re-publish binaries if no changes have been made to the binary since the Page or Component was last published.

Reasoning:  With DXA and DD4T, we publish a lot more content today than we originally did when we published only static HTML.  In the old days, we would only call AddBinary and publish the binary if it was used int he display of that Page.  We would rarely have more than 3 or 4 binaries per Page being published.

However, today with DD4T and DXA, we call AddBinary on every Multimedia Link Component in the existing Component, and every one in the linked-to Component, for all Components within the Link Level.  This can result in dozens of Binaries being rendered and published for each Page.  98% of the time, these Binary Components are not new, and do not need to be re-published.  They already exist in the Content Delivery system! 

Request:  Only publish new Binaries or Binaries that have changed since the last publish time of this Page.

Result:  Much much faster publish times and more happy customers (and Deployers!)