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over 2 years ago

R&D is considering both options in regards of Workflow Designer update: migrate Visio extension to .NET (so it will support the latest version of Visio, both x86 and x64) and implement it as part of CME (no dependency on Visio at all). Second option is preferable, but it is more expensive.

Please share your experience on defining Workflow Definitions:

  • How many step does it usually contain? How many manual, automatic or decision activities?
  • Visio stores activities position on the diagram after you moved them. Is it important feature for you?
  • Any missing features?

Have the Workflow Designer support the latest 64-bit editions of Visio

Currently, the Workflow Designer requires a 32-bit version of Visio (2010, 2013 or 2016). Most people (I would guess) have the 64-bit version installed. They need to uninstall that and install the 32-bit version. 

Please start supporting the 64-bit editions.
Also, if you could add support for Visio 2019 (the latest version), that would be even better.

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