Idea Delivered

This functionality has been included with SDL Tridion Sites 9.5. A similar link will appear in the information panel as well to link to an item's owning item's location.

The Publication value will link to an item's owning item

Not shown here but also included is the ability to see an item's BluePrint relationships in a panel to jump to other items in a current BluePrint chain (e.g. owning item, perhaps originating item, items that share from the owning item, and some items that would be children but are, for example, localized and are "not shared").

Make the "From Publication" text a link to that location

When creating Components or other items which need to sit in a particular publication it is annoying realising your in the right folder but in the wrong publication and then have to navigate to the same folder in a different publication to make content etc.

If the "From Publication" text was a link, it would be much less work to get there.