Page Content Compression and Decompression support from DXA Framework


Back in Tridion 2011, DD4T Framework was supporting the compression of the page content while publishing the content to Broker DB and also was supporting decompression of the same content in Content Delivery Services.

In Canon we are using SDL Web v8.5 with DXA 2.0. This feature was taken out from DXA TBBs and Framework on purpose/by design. As Canon has lots of Legacy content heavy and deep linked pages, the absence of this feature is hurting us in Production and is causing huge delays in Async Network IOs for Model Service to resolve the page content links and processing the response from Broker database. Sometimes if the delay is more than 200 ms, the model service is becoming unresponsive and eventually crashing. This is causing major production outages and causing huge loss in business.

That is why we need to know the following questions as early as possible and take this request forward on priority basis.

1. If the compression of the page content support has been revoked from earlier SDL Tridion Version, what is the alternate mechanism/solution option has been provided from SDL end particularly for DXA Framework?

2. As we cannot redesign/migrate the Legacy Content Heavy pages/refactor them to lightweight content model (no motivation from Business), when this feature will be available on DXA?

3. As we are running on SDL Web v8.5 and DXA 2.0, will there be a compatible DXA hotfix available which will address this feature?

Appreciate if you please answer these above question and prioritize this enhancement request on urgent basis.